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Meet the team

Head of S&C and Fitness - Dr Tom Rickaby

                 I have loved sports and fitness from a young age. Rugby was my first sporting passion and I played at premiership academy and regional level as a junior. 


Although injuries led me to hang up my rugby boots whilst studying for a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath I couldn’t be kept away from training for long... whilst completing my degree I gained both my level 2 qualification in fitness instruction and level 3 qualification in strength and conditioning and was also lucky enough to work on placement as a strength and conditioning coach at Gloucester Rugby Club.


When I moved to Leicester as a post-graduate medical student I wanted to try a new sport and quickly fell in love with the martial arts training here at Total Combat Academy. The coaching is top class and the atmosphere is incredibly friendly. Even though my medical studies keep me busy I spend my spare time working and training at the academy and run the Saturday morning strength and conditioning classes.

Head of Striking - Coach Harcus


                My passion for martial arts began in 1990 at the age of 7 when I started Tae Kwon Do under instructor Simon Betts. I was known as a power hitter from an early age and quickly developed an explosive boxing style. 

I soon moved into amateur boxing and hung up my boxing gloves up 2006 and was soon introduced to Krav Maga. I progressed up the ranking system and was awarded my Black Belt in Concept Krav Maga in September 2013.

In 2012 I met Mastru Antonio Faedda and through him discovered the art of Nudda. After intensive instructor training I was awarded my level 2 instructorship by the Mastru in 2015 and then recieved my Black Belt in 2019.

I believe I'm "forever a student" - continuously looking to develop my skill set. Thus the journey continues...

Head of Grappling - Coach Raj

               I have been involved in the Martial arts scene for the last 28 years, originally training in the more traditional systems. As the evolution of Martial arts was going through the acceleration phase in the mid 90’s, Tae Kwon Do became my building block and I ended up dedicating 13 years to it.

I then ventured into kickboxing for a few years and started to train in Krav Maga, a very effective and to-the-point fighting style. I have also practised Nudda for a few years to enhance my striking skills.

I now spend my time studying and training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - an art form I like to call 'combative chess'.

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